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90210 Roll Back

UPDATE: LAST SALE: $689,000 (08/26/2008). Ouch.

You don’t see this that often – maybe moreso in the future – a short sale in Bevely Hills.

9831 YOAKUM DR, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Sale History & Tax Info Sale History
08/02/2006: $999,000
07/02/2003: $716,000
03/30/2001: $445,000
They are now listing it at 1,099,000

I can only assume that if this is short sale they did one of those pay-whatever-you-feel-like loans (interest only? No problem. Not even that? Sure, we understand, sometimes it’s hard to pay that plus your 10K annual property tax bill! You decide!) So now the loan is worth more than the house can sell for.

But my real question is this – Would you pay a million dollars to live in this house?


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