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A House So Nice…We List It Twice

We first posted this house when the only photo on was of the street (The House So Nice…We couldn’t show it twice, or at all).

Over two months later it is still for sale, and the price has not budged. Maybe because this is the house:

Such a sweet little gem in the heart of Los Angeles. Surely SOMEone will be willing to plunk down a quarter of a million dollars for this diamond in the rough.

Or maybe it’s because of this sales history:

Right now with closing costs, agent fees, property taxes etc they will lose a pretty nice chunk of change having only held the house for about 4 months before they put it back on the market. My guess is either this was a mentally challenged flipper or some poor f*^&d borrower who got talked into a loan they couldn’t afford.

To further whet your appetite and thrill your senses with the aesthetic simplicity of this “charming bungalow” here is a shot of the backyard.


UPDATE: Something smells rotten here…

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