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Can You Figure This One Out?

I lived a few doors down from this house on Huron Ave. a couple of years ago. Now offered at 869K.


It seems like this house has been perpetually for sale. When I lived on the street it for-sale sign went up and came down so many times I figured it was even uglier on the inside than the outside or it actually sold as a 1031 exchange between vampire families and they did the move in middle of the night so no one noticed. It’s kind of weird – I NEVER saw people outside the house, and I knew the other neighbors on the street. Hmmm…
Now it is still showing up on realty sites, although they’ve changed agents a number of times. At first I thought, flippers gone mad, but the county assessors’ records show it is taxed on a less-than-80k valuation. They’ve had it a long time – and if they sell it at this price it shows just how much Prop 13 is a welfare/entitlement program as they’ve skated on about 80 bucks a month in property taxes while there newest neighbors shell out 600-800 bucks a month for the exact same services.

They price has gone up and down – peaking in the mid 900s at some point. They have either ATM’d their equity so much that they have to ask a lot, or they don’t really want to move unless someone offers to make them a near-millionaire. Let’s face it though – this house is butt-ugly. Other houses have sold for damn near close to this price on the same street. Butt-ugly has its disadvantages. The photo actually makes this house look okay. Sort of like a glamour shot of a homely girl. I wouldn’t buy this house if I won the lottery and they threw in Matthew McConaughey. Well, maybe if they threw in Matthew McConaughey.

Here are some past ads for the same house. I was feeling sort of lazy so I didn’t resize the photos first, so go to the archived listing to see them better.



I’m going to keep an eye on this one to see how close it actually gets to the county assessor’s valuation by the end of the bubble burst.

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