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Dear Saint Anthony Look Around, I Need…

…a parking spot and one can’t be found…

If you were raised Catholic – and even better, by a Sicilian mother, you learned many a quick prayer for every little life event or frustration. I can remember learning this little chant while searching for a spot with my mother in the mall parking lot. Apparently, St. Anthony had a lot of time on his hands – so he is available to find me a spot close to the mall entrance.

Of course experts on “the saints” know he’s more equipped to handle lost things – the parking spot isn’t really lost, it’s just not available. Not everyone agrees that St. Anthony is best equipped to handle parking requests – some beseech Mother Cabrini (using the dubious rhyme of “machiny”), others St. Boniface…and if you want a man, well what better saint than St. Ann? Perfect for rhyming, huh?

So what is the point? Just prefacing a little story about St. Joseph – the patron saint of selling houses (he WAS a carpenter – but what rhymes with Joseph?).


There are websites selling the St. Joseph house kit – bury the little statue in your yard, say the little prayer, and your house will sell like a half-milliion-dollar, 900-square-foot bungalow fixer-upper in 2005!

One site even has St. Joseph houses listed for sale (although when I tried to run the addresses in Zillow and the like I kept getting the message “house can’t be found” – maybe they didn’t pray hard enough!) What I really wanted to see was how long the houses had been listed for sale – to see if little St. Joe was doing his job. Hmmm…

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