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Mission Accomplished. Everything is F.I.N.E. Stop Worrying, Silly Middle Class.


Well, finally, the housing crash is over according to the Treasury Secretary of the Most-Honest-Forthright-and-Downright-Accurate-in-Predicting administration in American history.

So stop your worrying. David Lereah was right. Tomorrow your 500-square-foot tear-down in gang territory will start inching toward a half-million and dozens of hopefuls will try to outbid each other for your snazzy yard surrounded by chain-link fence to secure your pit bulls.

On a more serious note, I’m always amazed by how unaware some of the politicos of today are of the true impact of the Information Age. Twenty years ago a politician could say something downright dense and unless CBS evening news or another network decided to point it out, it would be lost to time. Not today. Every little lie, obfuscation, piece of propaganda is memorialized on news sites and blogs. The blogs delight in reprinting your quotes when they prove to be wrong. So when the housing market continues to decline (why would it stop declining? They fail to explain that.) their silly pronouncements will be mocked and their authority questioned (or in the case of schills like David Lereah, they will be downright vilified) and they will shrug, feeling a bit foolish, and say, who could have expected this? Anyone with a rudimentary understanding of economic principles.

Is anyone concerned this guy is the Treasury Secretary? I know no one is surprised. Doin’ a great job, Paulie.

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