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Oh. My. God. Part. Two.

I posted this Oh.My.God. house back in mid-December. Still on the market. Price hasn’t budged. Interestingly, the assessed value for tax purposes is 57K so this house has been held for a while.


Why they aren’t dropping the price on this squatter’s dream is beyond me. And get this – values the house at $377K – a breathtaking 80K over the asking price. Maybe it is this delusional garbage that is making them keep the price so high. Unless they’ve ATM’d all their equity out of the shack they ought to drop the price to 150K, take their absurd winnings, and rent until the crash is over.

Awww, the dream of home ownership can be found in this steal of the decade…

UPDATE: LAST SALE: $290,000 (04/10/2007) (someone brought their big box of stupid and a bag of cash)

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