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Roll-Back to 2005 Price in Culver City?


This house on Higuera, a narrow, busy road that is often used as a cut-through from Washington Blvd to get into the back areas of the South of Culver neighborhoods (SoCul), is for sale now for $760K.

It is advertised as two units. It has a total of 4 br, 2 baths at 1948 square feet. Birds-eye views show only one structure, so maybe it was subdivided (sure as hell would need someone renting half the house to be able to pay that mortgage).

This same house sold in April of 2005 for $775K according to Zillow and Redfin.

Figuring in a 6% commission for the R$**tors, this would mean a 60K loss after about two and a half years of ownership.

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