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Sick of My Bubble Posts? Too Bad.

As long as a house that looks like this is on the market for close to a million bucks and something in the hood that looks like its outside the Green Zone in Baghdad goes for over a quarter mill, I won’t let it go.

I lived on that street for 7 years. It was an okay street. The mosque traffic on Friday was a nightmare and the curve in the road created a blind spot for my driveway, there was a pretty bad drainage problem so the street flooded occasionally, people used it for a cut-through to Culver Blvd and drove like 50 mph down the road so you had to be really on alert when backing out of your drive (esp with that darn curve) but other than that, ok street to live on. Houses worth three-quarter mill and up? Hell no.

Maybe I can take a break now from the obsession (although I will still peruse my 20-plus economic/housing/bubble blog links most every day) because there is a new blogger in the neighborhood.
Not much on Culver City yet, but I hope to see more in the future. I think the LA market is hanging in there for all its worth, but don’t see how it can’t go the way San Diego, the OC, and other overpriced areas are going.

Has your ARM reset yet?

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