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The Little ATM that Couldn’t


Over four months on the market but still no taker, you might ask why they are refusing to budge on the price when they paid a mere 14K for the place. I immediately thought, “ATM.”

One day during walk I peeked in the yard and a woman yelled from her truck, “You can go around the house and look. No one’s there.” I was curious – it was the first house in the neighborhood to drop below the half million mark.

The place is tiny – no yard, driveway, or garage

The woman proceeded to confirm my suspicions, but with a twist. The elderly woman who had recently died had had the ownership wrested from her by a son, she told me. He’d taken out the “equity” at the top of the bubble – half a million dollars.

Now that he had officially “inherited” the house, he still owed the loan, but the house was worth far less.
Frankly, he’ll be lucky to get 350 for it.

Hope he enjoyed it while it lasted.

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