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Buyer Beware – Al the Drain Specialist – Culver City Plumbers

We called our landlord due to a leaking toilet and an issue with our kitchen sink. He called Al the Drain Specialist, a man who has plumbers in Culver City, who sent one of his workers. This worker fixed the kitchen sink but said, “I don’t do toilets” and left without fixing it.

However, when we spoke to our landlord, he informed us that Al the Drain Specialist had billed for fixing the toilet. We called back Al the Drain Specialist and told him since he billed for the work he should come fix it. We had stayed home from work to get this fixed. He said he would only come 9-5 Monday through Friday, requiring us to be home during normal working hours again. He did not want to take responsibility for the poor service. This should have been a sign to the landlord that there was a problem with Al the Drain Specialist.

It took a while for us to be able to be home again for the plumber – the toilet continued to leak and clearly needed a new ring. The landlord came out after repeated requests to come see it because we thought it could be ruining his floor. He came out and realized he couldn’t fix it himself – so he said to call back the plumber.

The SAME plumber who “didn’t do toilets” showed up to fix it. We were getting ready for work, and he said he just needed some Windex to clean up because he was done. My roommate left for work, then the plumber left. I didn’t think I needed to check his work.
Tonight, when my roommate returned she called out – Oh my God come and see my toilet. The thing was rocking on the base – with more than an inch of space in the front. He HAD to notice this.

We called the plumber and got Al on the phone. He basically didn’t care. He said he didn’t have anyone to come out and fix it. My roommate explained she didn’t have a toilet. He refused to send anyone until the morning, and then decided he didn’t really have anyone then either – clearly he didn’t like being criticized for shabby, unprofessional work and decided he would not fix. He said, “I won’t bill your landlord for it.” He forgot he had already billed a couple of months ago when his worker claimed he fixed the toilet and hadn’t touched it.

All in all, Al the Drain Specialist has a company that bills for work they do not do, when forced to do it, does it poorly, then refuses to come and fix it, leaving “customers” without a toilet.

Buyer Beware. Find another plumber other than Al the Drain Specialist – plumbers in the Culver City and West Los Angeles area. You will not get quality work.

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