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Could the Coyote Please Finally Kill the Roadrunner because Time Warner Cable Will Be the Death of Me

One thing we all counted on in Southern California if we had Comcast High Speed Cable was RELIABLE SERVICE. Now that Comcast sold us all down the river for a deal to trade territories with Time Warner, top-notch customer service is a thing of the past.

If you type Time Warner or Roadrunner support into Google you will get the picture. They are pathetic. Lucky for me, I have other email addresses, so I’m not totally screwed. I have not had email on my high-speed account since the switchover occurred. I tried phone support – told them I know I have the right password (hell, I logged into Comcast to view my bill that same day with it), but it says it’s wrong. They could not reset it – they had their own computer problems. I thought I would just wait it out, but it would be nice to be able to log into an account I’m paying for every month. They won’t even let me change my credit card on the account.
LOL. They said, get this, I would need to FAX IT. FAX IT? Holy moly, this is one sad Internet operation if they are resorting to faxes to change a credit card. Maybe they should hire someone who knows about online forms. I buy things online with my credit card all the time, but maybe the folks at Time Warner are just a bit behind the times and haven’t figured out you can do things online. Apparently they haven’t figured out email yet, so it wouldn’t be surprising.

Time Warner Cable should not call their cable “roadrunner” – they should call it “Crow” – because that’s what they should be eating after going on about how great it would be to get their service.

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