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Time Warner Support Call 1 Hour 8 Minutes 52 Seconds

And this isn’t the first call to try to resolve the problems with the Comcast switchover. And it is not yet resolved – he will check in with central command or some such thing and get back to me “in a few days.”
Even the hold music is a mess – breaks up like a bad radio station. I should know, I’ve been on hold with various parties at Time Warner off and on the past month or so since the changeover. Thank God I had the foresight some years ago to just go ahead and pay the $20 a month to keep my email address – it just seemed convenient at the time, but right now I am forever grateful I was not stuck with a Time Warner email trying to transition my Comcast email to them because, well, I would have been completely email-less for more than a month.

Now I am on hold for the fourth person to try to fix the issue – their system basically does not recognize me no matter what I do. Of course, no surprise, their billing system has had NO PROBLEM recognizing me and billing me each month.

This really should be one of those things where they credit you for a month of service because the long holds, the inability to fix the problem, and the continued issue time after time makes me feel like they should reimburse me for my time wasted on this idiocy.

It’s funny too – because they walk you through all the same things – even when you tell them, not gonna work, tried it, uh uh, not that, won’t work.

If I had used that email for my credit cards, personal websites etc I would have been crying the past few weeks. I feel sorry for anyone who was screwed by this email problem with Time Warner. Comcast really was an amazing company – and I am sorry to see them leave the area.

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