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United Airlines

Let me tell you, these people really made me work for a new seat to go home early after injuring my leg on their plane going to Denver.

I wonder if the government stopped bailing out airlines if they would feel a little more compelled to focus on their customer rather than on how to cut benefits and wages and get out of debt-jail free.

I read recently that the airline industry is doing great – just subtract American companies. They’ll all say, well, 9/11, but 4 years later it’s starting to sound a bit weak.

The biggest change I’ve seen since 9/11 is how some flight attendants decided this was a license to be incredibly rude.

Let me tell you my tale and why they failed in my eyes.

I was flying United Airlines to Denver and the flight was delayed by about 40 minutes. Of coures, this meant by the time the packed plane was seated etc. it was even later, and it meant that when that seatbelt sign came off I and quite a few others just had to pee.
We went to the back of the plane. The flight attendants were stocking their carts. I came out of the bathroom and they were in the aisle. Two of the other people who had used the bathroom decided to walk up behind them – but I saw that these were that new breed of flight attendant (screw you if you get up when I have the cart out you can watch me serve cokes and bloody marys to 280 passengers then I’ll let you by). I decided not to fight it, and just sat down by the bathroom until they were done.

Finally I see they have passed my aisle, so I walk up behind them, and the flight attendant starts backing into me -Whoah! Whoah! I said. I’m behind you. I’m just in row 18 could I get in?

She looked a little disappointed she couldn’t hold me up a few more minutes and pushed the cart up to let me slip in. Mind you, she gave me about 6 inches of leeway. I start to slide into the seat – which was a tight space, and she says, “Thank you for being so patient.” As I began to answer I felt this horrible pain in my knee as if it popped and I cried out and collapsed onto the seat.
The flight attendant looked shocked and asked if I was ok – I said I didn’t know, something had happened to my leg. Oh god that was pain.

She asked if I wanted a drink, I said just water, as I was trying to catch my breath. I drank it and tried to relax. The pain slowly subsided, but I had a feeling something really bad had happened.

The stewardess (I’m going to call her this – fuck that Flight attendant bullshit now) asked once if I was ok – never again – and I said I wasn’t sure.

Until the plane landed. I stood up. And my leg gave. I realized I had twisted it or done something that really messed up my knee. Never having experienced anything like this I started to cry and sat down to wait for help.

Now at this point they came through…

They had a special wheelchair that fit in the aisle and took me off. I told them I wanted to just go home – and they booked me on a flight in a few hours.

In the meantime, a paramedic looked at it and wrapped it. I thought I could hobble a bit and thought maybe I would be okay – then boom, it gave out again and I realized I couldn’t. The paramedic said I should go to the ER – if I keep trying to walk on it without knowing what is wrong I could do more damage.

More to come…

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