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When Good Customers Go Bad – Tender Greens in Culver City

Nothing will send customers running out the door faster than the clerk/host/order taker who is chatting up his buds while you wait in line. Tender Greens in Culver City has great fresh salads, and usually pretty efficient service. But if they want to keep that reputation they should probably rethink this hire (guy on right with quote over head).

At first I thought it was just a complicated order he was inputting for the couple that was in front of me. As the man stood talking to the order taker pictured above he pawed his girlfriend and squeezed her and generally acted like he was NOT in public. Turned out he and the Tender Greens dude were just buddies catching up on old times.

Finally, the customer (not the order taker who should have known better) said, OK, let’s see, I’d like…
OMG you mean you were just having a friendly conversation while you watched other customers standing and waiting? Nice. Bye now.

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