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Why I Bought My Expensive New Keyboard at Comp USA and not Best Buy

I wanted to get a new mouse and keyboard so I can work in my chair with my leg up on an ottoman. My laptop is a bit heavy so I prefer to keep it up on a table, but then it is a long stretch to type on it. I went to Best Buy because it is a mere 1 mile from my house.

The keyboard selection was lousy – but I really wanted to get one today, so I finally picked one that was barely satisfactory. When you work on a computer 10 hours a day, you can be pretty particular about your keyboard and mouse. I also picked up a new mouse pad and went to the register. There were only two open, so I settled behind two people and figured it would be about 10 minutes – Best Buy has some sort of checkout process that takes forever even if you only have one item. Well, the woman in front of me had her credit card denied but she wasn’t backing down. She seemed to have another one, and since now there were three lines, but they were three deep each, I figured I would just wait it out. After about 10 minutes or so I gave up and went to another line.

I’m not kidding you, I was fourth in line and the first guy was buying one freaking thing and it was taking forever. I finally just said, I give up, put my stuff down on an empty register counter and walked out. I saw the guy at the door look to see if the lines were really that long. What Best Buy doesn’t realize is that a long line means nothing – three people in a line is a long wait because the cashiers are slow and their check-out process is absurdly complicated.

I figured I would drive over to Comp USA – it’s a couple of miles further away, and usually a pain in the ass to get in and out of, but I really wanted my keyboard.

First thing I noticed – everyone wanted to help me! They have definitely stepped up their customer service.

Second thing I noticed, they had an awesome selection of keyboards. Whatever CompUSA has done to change their act from a few years ago, it is working. The place was well-stocked, the workers were friendly and helpful, and checkout took exactly 3 minutes.
I realized this happened once before when I wanted to buy a scanner. I don’t know why I keep going to Best Buy for computer needs – the store covers too much territory to have a truly superlative computer department. I guess it’s the convenience, but I know next time I will remember Best Buy is fine for buying CDs or DVD players, but Comp USA is the best choice for computer products when you are buying locally (I buy my computers online).

UPDATE: With CompUSA out of business now Best Buy will have even less reason to deliver good customer service

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