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Worst Taxi Cab Service – Culver City United Yellow Cab

People don’t worry about monopolies just because they are jealous or don’t want one guy to get everything – they know that when one entity controls a sector, they have NO MOTIVATION to do more than a minimally adequate job because they can’t lose their customers – their customers have no where else to go.

Many moons ago I called around to some cab companies looking for a taxi to LAX. They all said – can’t pick up in Culver City. Very odd. I finally asked. Well do you know WHO DOES pick up in Culver City? One company. That’s it?

I use cabs quite often to the airport. I leave at odd times and often no one is available to give me ride over there. I also take them home from LAX – it’s more convenient and I hate asking people to pick me up. If my roommate is around, she will, but if not, I take a cab.

Now, when you ask for a cab to the airport, the time is critical. On two occasions, United Yellow Cab of Culver City didn’t think it was so critical. The last time was this ill-fated trip to Denver.

I called at 11:45 am and said I would like a cab at 1 pm to take me to LAX. They set it up. 1 pm. Confirmed.

At 1:05 I called to find out why my cab was not there. “Oh, he will be there in 1 minute.” How do you know that? “Oh I see the tracking, he is right near you.”

At 1:10 I call again. Oh. He will be there in 6 minutes. Six minutes? How does it go from 1 minute to 6 minutes. I said, ARE YOU SURE
I HAVE TO CATCH A PLANE. Oh yes. 6 minutes.

1:20 pm. I call again. I have trouble even getting through on the lines. I am put on hold for a full 3 minutes – I give up and try calling back. It sends me right to hold music. I try again. I get someone who informs me oh yes he is on his way he will be there in 8 minutes.
So, half an hour late? Very matter of fact the guy asks, Yes, if you still want me to send him. WHAT?

They hadn’t even sent the guy? I asked him if he would called the airport to ask if they would hold the plane for me. Go ahead and send the cab though really generally when a person calls over an hour in advance and reserves a cab for a ride to the airport half and hour late is no good, and since every time I call the time the delay increases so if I call back in 8 minutes will they tell me the cab will be there in 10 minutes.

Can you imagine this? You are trying to get to the airport. The only cab company allowed to pick up in Culver City is failing. There are dozens upon dozens of other cab companies very close by – and you cannot call them. You are at the mercy of a policy that is CLEARLY some kind of boondoggle or scam perpetrated by politicians and protectionist taxi companies. “Yo dude, you don’t send your cabs in here, we won’t send our cabs in there. Everybody’s happy.” Yeah, except the consumer who basically has no way to get to the airport if this one taxi company fails to show.

If anyone knows the mechanics of this taxi company scam please let me know. I want to see it done in. It is positively un-American.
My roommate came out to witness me railing on the taxi folks over the phone – yes, please call United Airlines and ask if they could hold flight number xxx for me because you are having trouble getting your cabs out to customers. Could you do that? (I can be viciously sarcastic).

He was going to work, but kindly offered to take a side trip to the airport. I was flipping at this point, so I took him up on the offer. At first I didn’t call the cab company. I thought, let them show up and I’ll say, oh I got a ride. But then I realized – yeah, then they will put me on a list to never pick me up and because they are part of this Culver City United Yellow Cab Taxi Monopoly Scam I will have no way to get a cab ever again in Culver City.

I called and cancelled – this was about 1 mile from my house. I saw a Culver City United Cab going the other direction, toward my house at that moment. He would have been 38 minutes late.

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