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Yosemite Waters Home Delivery Worst Water Service Out There

After years of spotty service from Yosemite Water, I decided to change providers of my water service. I left out a cancellation notice with the bottles and a check for the amount they said I currently owed. They were supposed to arrange to get their equipment as it still had one full bottle on it that I could not remove. I finished that bottle and left it out for them to retrieve. They did not. They sent no notices. They made no attempt to get their “equipment.” It was as if they were not only bad at giving service to customers, but did not even care about their equipment.

Until over 2 months later when they sent what they “claimed” was a “final notice” – first notice I ever received. This rather dunning notice claimed I owed them $150.51 – an absurd amount. They wanted $60.62 for the one empty bottle I still had (is this Yosemite Water bottle made of silver – give me a break).

Most likely this has to do with shoddy record-keeping – as Yosemite Water delivery service did not make it seem as if this is a well-run business.

I have switched to Arrowhead Water – excellent service, a REAL website for customers to handle orders and make changes to delivery dates, automated payments – things that are for the CUSTOMER.

If you are considering home water delivery, I highly recommend Arrowhead. I strongly do not recommend Yosemite Water home delivery service as “customer service” is not in their vocabulary. Arrowhead water tastes much better too – and you can get bottled sparkling water in cases! I love getting my Pelligrino delivered.

Yosemite Waters needs some new management.

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