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Roubini Global Economics Monitor – be sure to check out the links to Roubini’s blog on this expert analysis site. Roubini is a Professor of Economics at the Stern School of Business at New York University.

Blue Meany – You have to start at the beginning and read this army gal’s account of her year in Baghdad. She was a writer over there for the army newspaper, and she is funny as hell (and often gets in trouble for her smart ass attitude). She’s back in the states and still blogs occasionally – but really, go back through the Baghdad year – amazing stuff.

OC Flip Track – It’s like staring at a car crash, watching flippers, fraudsters, and their enablers in creating the big housing pyramid scheme go sliding into financial insolvency.

Triple Creme – Bree Crocetti’s blog reviews restaurants in Southern California or whereever she travels – fantastic food pics which our mutual friend Frank calls “food porn.” Bree’s a fabulous chef too!

Jesus’ General – Patriot Boy is a brilliant satirist. If you like to see a mockery made of the neo-cons and fanatical religious right-wingers definitely visit his site! His “letters” agreeing with wing nuts are particularly funny.

Calculated Risk – Blog following current economic trends and the coming economic crisis.

House Bubble – Bubble news and links to everything bubble-ishish.

Westside Bubble – A new bubble blogger who focuses on Los Angeles’ Westside (Santa Monica etc).

Clusterfuck Nation – Jim Kunstler’s provocative blog.

Vigilant Investor – Has a certain watchdog angle that is refreshing for the wary investor.

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