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Bureaucracy Can Kill Once Nimble Companies: What’s Up with Google?

I’m in the middle of an e-mail “discussion” with Google AdWords over an arbitrary decision to disallow an ad I’m running for a treatment center within our company.  The ad is for the exact search phrase “prescription drug rehab” – because the treatment center treats prescription drug addiction and has been doing so for two decades, this would seem to be a perfectly legitimate ad to run. I’ve run them in the past for other treatment programs. I always got the special “pharmacy exception” request form because it is illegal to advertise online prescription drug sales.  In the past, the exception was always granted for obvious reasons – we were trying to help people addicted to prescription drugs, not sell them more. Continue reading →

Neapolitan-Style Ragu

I came across some photos I took while making a recipe the LA Times voted one of their top 10 recipes for 2009.   You not only get a hearty, rich ragu from this recipe, but the pork comes out fall-apart tender.  I special ordered pork from Flying Pig Farms in New York after a friend told me it would be the best pork I ever had.  Flying Pig Farms breeds rare heritage breeds – if you’ve never tried heritage pork you don’t know what you’re missing.  I found this pork richer and tastier than even other heritage pork.

The recipe is not for anyone who can’t handle acidity – it’s a very powerful ragu.  You can get the recipe on the LA Times blog.  And here are the photos.