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Open Letter to Comcast

Dear Comcast,

Why did you abandon us? Southern California once had lightening speed and oh-so-reliable Internet connections. Now there are times when I may as well go back to dial-up – Road Runner should be called The Coyote – because it seems like although he never caught the road runner in the series, he is regularly mangling and possibly even disemboweling this Road Runner because TIME WARNER CABLE IS TERRIBLE!
After years of being spoiled by Internet so fast it beat the T1 at my company’s offices, I now have to deal with deadly sluggish page loading and times when it barely seems to recognize there is an Internet to connect to. Continue reading →

Tickle Elmo, then Take a Xanax

I think if you bought your kid one of these it would be really funny for about 2 days then you would either have to kill yourself or lie to your kid and tell them someone broke in the house and stole it – and if he said buy me another you would have to tell him Elmo is a satanic icon that will damn his soul to hell so it would be better if you didn’t…watch the video after the jump. Continue reading →

Dumb Ass Fools

After deleting over 400 spam comments selling drugs and porn, I have decided a law should be passed that if you order prescription drugs online and die because the company sends you bad drugs, there should be no right to sue, because frankly if you are such a dumb ass that you buy drugs from some unknown mobster from god-knows-where selling you god-knows-what you deserve whatever happens to you. Get a clue, people!

Approval Ratings, UN Foolishness, and Other Such Nonsense

Everyone keeps saying the price of gas is tied to the President’s approval rating. I’ve heard of one-issue voters, but this really takes the cake. Granted, it does make people unhappy when their economic prospects look bleak – and they generally take it out on those currently in power – but deciding you like GW’s policies by basing it on how much it cost to fill your tank on Tuesday? I find it hard to believe people are this thick. Continue reading →

Annoying Practice – Sending E-mails with Return Receipt Requested

If you are tempted to turn on the “return receipt requested” feature in Outlook, hold your horses. First of all, this screams “amateur” on the web. Why is this such an annoying practice? Continue reading →

Parasites of the Web

I have to spend a bit of time each day cleaning out comments from spammers advertising mainly illegal prescription drugs online. Continue reading →

The Sad Decline of Delta Airlines

I am hoping Delta survives their financial woes because it has been my only direct flight from LA to Tampa – a trip I make every year to the town I grew up in. Continue reading →

All Spammers Must Die, Or At least Be Really Injured

Well, I had my first taste of “trackback spam” today – I saw a bunch of these notifications come in one after another. “Oh my!” I exclaimed! “Someone likes my blog!”

Silly me. Continue reading →

Disemboweled Packaging

Continue reading →