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All Spammers Must Die, Or At least Be Really Injured

Well, I had my first taste of “trackback spam” today – I saw a bunch of these notifications come in one after another. “Oh my!” I exclaimed! “Someone likes my blog!”

Silly me.

It was a bunch of filthy spam pretending to be related to my content when really it was casinos and porn. And the variety! I swear there are as many fetishes as there are people from the looks of it.

I blocked the IP, a bunch more came in. I then realized they were actually adding to my posts these vile links and descriptions.

I know that’s how trackback works, but it just took a little while to really hit me what was going on.

I went to the movable type forum to find out how to moderate trackbacks so they wouldn’t automatically post – I would have to approve them. It does suggest you do this. Of course, there doesn’t appear to be this option in my software. And I’m am not a neophyte to software. When I tried to submit a support request, their system wasn’t working properly (PAGE NOT FOUND!).

Oh brother.

This is just to say that if any of this garbage manages to slip through, it is unintentional and I am working on blocking it permanently.

I remember my first experience with massive spamming. Back in the late 90s I put my email all over my websites and loved getting comments from my visitors.

Then came spam bots – munching up all those emails like hungry baby birds then spitting out email after email to me.
I ended up removing my email, setting up autoresponders, and using only webmail systems for any web-based email (so at least it wasn’t downloading to my hard drive).

For this reason, I really don’t feel sorry for the idiots who lose their life savings to scam artists who send the variations on the Nigerian theme or the like. If people didn’t respond to this spam, it wouldn’t be so worthwhile for spammers to keep trying to find new ways to get through to our in boxes.
The people who respond to spam or buy through spam links or give someone their PIN or PayPal password (puh-lease, have some sense!) keep these jerks in business.
OK. I’ve vented.

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