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Annoying Practice – Sending E-mails with Return Receipt Requested

If you are tempted to turn on the “return receipt requested” feature in Outlook, hold your horses. First of all, this screams “amateur” on the web. Why is this such an annoying practice?

1. A person must manually approve each one. How annoying is this?
2. It implies that you don’t trust people. I want to see if you read my e-mail! I want proof!
3. Some might say, you can set your Outlook to automatically send the receipt each time. Well, experience web folks know this is a bad idea because you could be sending confirmation to spammers/junk mail people that you received their unsolicited offer.

My new policy is to simply deny all of these return receipt requests. For others who are bothered by this cumbersome even insulting request, this is how you do this. In Outlook go to Tools > Options > Email Options > Tracking Options. Under how to respond to requests for read receipts, check off “never respond”.

While folks may now “believe” I am not reading their email, the truth is, I am simply not deciding my work processes based on their paranoid need for confirmation. As someone who gets upwards of 100 emails a day (and that’s on a light day), I don’t have time to send this little security blanket to everyone.

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