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Approval Ratings, UN Foolishness, and Other Such Nonsense

Everyone keeps saying the price of gas is tied to the President’s approval rating. I’ve heard of one-issue voters, but this really takes the cake. Granted, it does make people unhappy when their economic prospects look bleak – and they generally take it out on those currently in power – but deciding you like GW’s policies by basing it on how much it cost to fill your tank on Tuesday? I find it hard to believe people are this thick.

If Hugo Chavez thought he was earning points by being all clever and cute with the sulphur comments – he’s really quite the fool and does not get Americans at all. Even people who CANNOT STAND GW find themselves feeling a little defensive when a big mouth gets up at the US-funded (mostly, let’s be honest here) UN and says such things. It doesn’t really make us think – oh, I’m so sorry Hugo feels this way, let’s get him and his ilk out of office to avoid future embarrassment. The people who are embarrassed were embarrassed long before Hugo made his remarks.

I wonder if this is how the government is run in Venezuela – do people just insult each other in public? Has this resulted in great improvement in the some prime indicators of a country’s “health”? For example, there was a significant reduction in the infant mortality rate between 1970 and 1990 – since 1990, not much improvement.

In the last thirty years Venezuela’s people have gotten poorer, and the number of the extremely poor has, by some estimates, tripled. These are pretty much the poorest people in South America at this point in history. Maybe Hugo should focus some of his ire on his own country’s leaders.
Don’t get me wrong – I think GW is a huge embarrassment, and if the person complaining about him were a legitimately decent and effective leader, I would be even more embarrassed by such comments. In this case, it just seems like a little man trying to raise his importance in the world by being all blustery and confrontational and “tough” on the U.S.

The problem is – they are a huge part of our crushing dependence on oil. Everything these days seems to come back to the fact that the United States – once the country 10 steps ahead of every trend – is now 2 steps behind, and it’s having a sickening effect on our foreign policy (not that our foreign policy in South America/Central America was anything to be proud of in the past).

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