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Open Letter to Comcast

Dear Comcast,

Why did you abandon us? Southern California once had lightening speed and oh-so-reliable Internet connections. Now there are times when I may as well go back to dial-up – Road Runner should be called The Coyote – because it seems like although he never caught the road runner in the series, he is regularly mangling and possibly even disemboweling this Road Runner because TIME WARNER CABLE IS TERRIBLE!
After years of being spoiled by Internet so fast it beat the T1 at my company’s offices, I now have to deal with deadly sluggish page loading and times when it barely seems to recognize there is an Internet to connect to.

Maybe one day you’ll come back – you’ll feel guilty – or maybe if all of us here in So Cal who think TIME WARNER CABLE BLOWS THE BIG ONE will wish itchy rashes on your executive asses until you put this Road Runner out of its misery and give us back REAL broadband speed.


Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

It took me 5 minutes to save this entry because TIME WARNER CABLE is about as fast as a Target cashier.

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