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Google Misery on the Horizon

Once again Google appears to be doing some major house cleaning – and generally these housecleanings result in some excellent and valuable sites being dropped (or just as bad, sent to the bottom of the proverbial barrel). Google’s actions have become progressively baffling over the years – and it gets harder and harder to figure out what the hell they want.

You can do something on your site – but because some jerk spammers did this in spades at some point, what you thought was perfectly okay is now an offense to Google’s sense of all that is right and good in the world ( their unofficial motto being “don’t be evil” ) and you get shoved out with the flotsam and jetsam of so many really bad sites. This can be particularly disconcerting if you have had a site for 7 or 8 years and it did reasonably well and your ad revenue meant the site essentially paid for itself. There are many hobby sites out there like this – and it’s a shame they end up in Google’s dustbin.

I was thinking I just coined a new phrase – Googledygook

Based on the phrase gobbledygook:

gobbledygook: incomprehensible or pompous jargon of specialists

However, it appears in doing a Google search (oh irony) that others have already come up with this term and in fact someone is squatting on the domain name (grin).

Actually I have coined a phrase in the past – back in January 1999 I bought the domain – I thought it was a fun play on supercilious – it was tongue-in-cheek because back then there were folks charging INSANE amounts of money for web design – people were really getting royally ripped off. I would hear about someone paying 100K for a site that basically didn’t work very well. I’ve never really used the domain for much, and some people mistake it for thinking I’m the one who is haughty – LOL no way, my designs are simple at best, downright ugly at worst. Many of those people who thought they were indispensable so they could charge obscene amounts have now sadly seen their jobs shipped off to India and Pakistan.

Anyway, I think I thought someone would make the phrase popular (clearly I am too lazy to do all the things necessary to popularize an idea) and then I’d be offered 100 grand for it….almost 8 years later I’m getting tired of how slow everyone is to catch on to how brilliant a name this is – oh, I’m being supercilious now 😉

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