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Google’s Penalizing Itself in New Penguin Update

I’ve been trying to figure out exactly what Google thinks it fixed with its latest algorithm change, now dubbed Penguin.  Frankly, there are some riotous results.  My favorite being the SERPs for “search engine”.  Google doesn’t even come above the fold.  I love that Bing beats them in their own search engine. And Altavista?  Who the heck still uses AltaVista?



My second favorite search was for “Film awards” – the Oscars website doesn’t appear until the second page of results, and then it’s some weird internal page.

Lots of junk sites have actually benefitted from the update – and in fact on some high-value searches that cost $40 or more in Google AdWords return results where one company has multiple sites in the top 10.

In fact one high-value search returns 3 sites from Narconon/Scientology in the top 10.  Really?   I do know one of these sites is well disguised so the visitor doesn’ t know who they are calling, but if you call they only recommend Narconon/Scientology programs.   Scary.

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