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PPI – Biggest Jump in 30 Years

Hate to be such a bear, but this is getting very scary.
“Because the PPI fell 1.6 percent in October, some said the latest report simply smoothes out the bumps.”
I hope they’re right, but this statement vaguely reminds me of the shills at NAR saying the RE market is just “adjusting” and its now a “great time to buy!”

Bill Moyers on the Moral Rot that Informs Catastrophic Conservatism, Texas Style

Excellent blog post on the Huffington Post. Thanks to my friend George for the heads up.

An excerpt: Continue reading →

Rove and the Relativity of Truth

Interesting piece in the LA Weekly on how Karl Rove has fared previously when under oath. There is something so creepy about this character. In the quote below, not the push-polling tactic Rove is famous for – if you haven’t seen the documentary Bush’s Brain, see it, as there are many more examples of this type of push-polling. Continue reading →

They Came, They Saw, They Screwed It Up

Michael Klare via TomDispatch takes a look at American “oil policy” in Iraq – pre-war to post-Katrina. Continue reading →

Must Read – TNR’s Swimming with Sharks

From the October 3, 2005 issue of The New Republic

Rove, Abramoff, Delay…they didn’t pop from Zeus’ head. The Young Republicans get early training in sabotage, manipulation, and deception to influence and control elections. Some tactics: Continue reading →