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Must Read – TNR’s Swimming with Sharks

From the October 3, 2005 issue of The New Republic

Rove, Abramoff, Delay…they didn’t pop from Zeus’ head. The Young Republicans get early training in sabotage, manipulation, and deception to influence and control elections. Some tactics:

Leading the count are the following: speaking sotto voce of your opponent’s “homosexuality”; rigging the delegate count so that states that support your candidate have twice as many votes as those that don’t; and using a sitting congressman to threaten the careers of undecided voters.

Consider this – the CRNC (College Republican National Committee) chairman who “wins” the election earns 75K a year and pretty much guarantees a future in politics. Challenge him, you may as well change careers – no head of FEMA for you! There has been internal dissent over such pesky issues as financial misdealings (kickbacks and various schemes to profit from their unique 527 status – unique because their Democratic counterpart has not pursued this avenue).

Read the article. It won’t shock or appall you unless you have been asleep the last 10 years.

Compare them to their Democratic counterpart:

Unlike the College Republicans, Democratic students are not organized as an independent 527. They reside within the Democratic National Committee and exist largely to supply campaign volunteers. Woodard makes all his calls after 9 p.m., “when I get free cell phone minutes,” he told me. His salary is $75,000 lower than the one Chairman Paul Gourley receives–that is to say, nonexistent. The contrast between the two organizations is remarkably vivid.

And the Democrats haven’t figured out how to hire a direct mail firm to manipulate Senior Citizens out of their life savings to save America from Democrats – one of the more unseemly scandals of their Republican counterpart.

Although I certainly would not want to see young Democrats mimicking the nefarious goings-on of the young Republicans, they might not want to seem so relaxed about the state of the Democratic Party. They can get more serious and play hard ball without succumbing to corruption. Or atleast prepare themselves to handle these types of tactics as they pursue careers in politics.
If you know someone is going to spread rumors you are a pedophile to try to influence an election…you might be better armed to defend against it. And you might be better prepared to enlighten the rest of the voting public about how such tactics are undermining our status as a free and democratic nation.

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