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David Bacon Suspension Gives More Bacon to Big Biz

For years many people have been acutely aware of how national policies have made a few people richer and most people more financially insecure. After Katrina the “top priority” of our government of actually CUTTING wages should wake up those who mistakingly believed the current administration cares about ordinary working people. With record numbers of people slipping from the middle class into poverty over the past four years, let’s hope those who thought Republicans cared about the ordinary lives of workers realize that is the farthest thing from the truth.

Frankly, how any patriotic American can back an administration that says corporations should be able to reap as much profit as possible but that workers should NOT benefit from that baffles me. The standard lies and obfuscations abound – such as more people will have jobs. LOL. More working people will be working to be poor. Nice. Frankly, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that when these wage cuts occur:

1. A handful of CEOs and shareholders get even richer so they can buy new summer homes, jets, yachts, and jewerly. They can sock that money into investments that the government is taxing less and less putting us into terrible deficits.

2. Workers make less than a living wage, struggle to pay rent and mortgages, wonder if they will be able to pay medical costs, decide not to go to the doctor at all, and STILL PAY FREAKING TAXES WHILE THE WEALTHY WHINE ABOUT TAXES ON MONEY THEY DID NOT PHYSICALLY WORK TO EARN.

We have become a tax-labor nation. Forget the death tax. How about the work tax. I’d rather tax a dead person than young parents trying to raise children, feed and house them, get medical care…

The mythology about the death tax is that it takes businesses and farms away from families. All it takes is a little curiousity and research skills to figure out that is the “front” story. There are already huge exceptions for inheritance tax that keep this from happening. And frankly, farms get all kinds of government subsidies. Do we really hate welfare or do we only dislike giving it to “darker” people? No prob giving it to airlines, oil companies, and the like.

I have trouble understanding why so many Americans vote against their own self-interest. If you want to continue to earn stagnant wages and struggle to pay your rent, continue to vote for people who believe in personal responsibility when it comes to ordinary Americans, but no responsibility when it comes to corporate America.

We are a welfare state. Just look how much pork goes to oil companies and other corporate beneficiaries of this administration.

A true patriot cares about AMERICANS.

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