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If It Says Libby on the Label You WILL Like It Like It Like It

Vengeful men in high places can truly undermine democracy.


Libby’s anger over Wilson’s 2003 charges has been known. But new interviews and documents obtained by The Times provide a more detailed view of the depth and duration of Libby’s interest in Wilson. They also show that the vice president’s office closely monitored news coverage. On one occasion, the office prohibited a reporter from traveling with Cheney aboard Air Force Two, because the vice president’s daughter said Cheney was unhappy with that newspaper’s coverage.

Is it any wonder the MSM doesn’t really challenge the administration on the issues most important to Americans? If you disagree with or challenge them, they don’t invite you to the important events anymore. And how can a major paper report the news if the administration black balls that paper’s reporters. Vicious circle that undermines the fundamental premise that a free press is necessary for a healthy democracy.

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