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More Eminent Chicanery

Now in the spotlight, the seaside town of Long Branch, New Jersey.

LONG BRANCH — A leading advocate for the environment last week said a Long Branch neighborhood threatened with eminent domain is “ground zero” in the property rights battle under way in the state.

“I am glad to be here because this is ground zero in the fight for freedom for people,” Jeff Tittel, director of the New Jersey Chapter of the Sierra Club, said at a press conference last Thursday.

Tittel and other members of the Sierra Club chapter gathered at the home of Lee and Denise Hoagland on Ocean Terrace in the Beachfront North Phase II redevelopment zone last week to announce the organization’s support for local property owners in the fight against eminent domain abuse.

“If they can take this neighborhood for redevelopment, they can take any neighborhood,” said Tittel about the three-street neighborhood that has come to be known as MTOTSA (Marine Terrace, Ocean Terrace and Seaview Avenue).

Redevelopment plans call for the 36 oceanfront properties in MTOTSA to be bulldozed and replaced with upscale townhomes to be built by a private developer. (Atlanticville Newspaper)

We see everyday the culmination of a decade of increasing the rights of the corporate sector at the expense of the American people. Do you think a “Developer” is more important than a family who could most likely not afford the housing that replaces their beloved home?

Progressives need to be out front on this one – these behaviors are a natural result of the policies of pro-business, anti-American-people politicians.

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