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Ohio Grassroots Movement to Stop Corruption

I expect to see more movements like this in the future as more and more Americans wake up to the realization that the government serves corporate America and NOT the people. This might be wishful thinking, but I have to fight my naturally pessimistic impulses at least some of the time 😉

I just finished reading a biography of Henry Flagler, one of America’s original robber barons and partner of John D. Rockefeller. He was the master strategist that put Standard Oil on the map (although Rockefeller has the fame). Even John D. himself admitted as much. They started their monopoly machinations from, yes, Ohio. Flagler is an interesting character in light of today’s power complex – for example, he secretly bought up newspapers to control how the press portrayed his activities. Some of this did not come to light until long after his death, when the papers (such as the Miami Herald) were sold.

Flagler pretty much made East and South Florida – no one else had the imagination, desire, or money to build a railway through mosquito-infested swamps and jungles. He became quite a man of the people in many ways – helping Florida farmers devastated by frost by giving out free seed is just one small example. He was known for paying better than prevailing wages, although I’m sure the mosquitoes cancelled out this financial advantage. It is interesting to see the arc – from robber baron to someone who built hospitals, schools, and roads knowing full well he was doing it at a loss.

It’s as if Flagler had some sort of personal transformation in his 60s. He became an example of how money could be used for the public good(well he about burst a gasket when the government started interfering with the Standard Oil monopoly, trying to tax it and such, but nobody’s perfect).

I digress. If you are an Ohioan sick and tired of the system being fixed in the favor of a few, take a good look at this action and be doubly curious when folks try to smear it. Remember, the corrupt do not give up their power easily.

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