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Palin as Rosie the Riveter? Hilarious and Offensive

I saw this image today of Republicans who support McCain – Palin demonstrating with a revised Rosie the Riveter showing Palin’s face and the famous WWII tagline: We can do it.


Does anyone else find this comparison not only hilarious but utterly offensive? The nonprofit that still promotes the Rosie image has its own tagline: Honoring those who toiled in the arsenal of democracy. World War II was a time of great sacrifice (and, if the Republicans forget, a Democratic in office). We understood that to fight for democracy, fight Nazis who were incinerating Jews, fight the Japanese and their kamikaze pilots – you had to sacrifice. Republicans when at war say, “Sacrifice? No – only the young men and women on the front lines and their families will sacrifice. Not only will the rest of us not sacrifice, we will get TAX CUTS! Woo hoo! War with no consequences, no sacrifice, no participation by the masses!

For anyone to think Palin or her kind merit any comparison to the women who dropped their aprons and went into factories to keep the country running while our men were at War in Europe and the Pacific is absurd to the point of obscenity.

When will Americans realize that it is not the supposed Angry Left that hates America – it is the Angry Right that hates America. People who love this country are willing to sacrifice and participate in keeping the democracy healthy. The only participation in Democracy on Palin’s part has been to get more than her fair share of pork barrel money (ALASKA GETS MORE PORK THAN ANY OTHER STATE IN THE NATION!)

Now, think about the Republican memes: fiscal responsibility blah blah blah – and then look at reality. The states with the LEAST pork are the blue states: California is 49th and New York 50th. Republicans love pork (maybe this is why they feel an exaggerated fear of terrorism beyond the actual threats – afraid Islam will take away their pork – grin). Don’t get me wrong – Islamic extremists are a real threat, but we have far more deaths by other causes than terrorism and you are indeed far more likely to die being hit by a drunk driver or be shot dead (indeed in 2001, the year of 9.11 almost 30,000 people were killed in the United States by firearms – almost 10 times the number – talk about “terror”!)

Frankly, this crazy-christian (not normal Jesus-based Christianity), gun-loving, caribou-killing-from-planes lady is so unimpressive it is amazing that she has duped people so quickly. Have we really become a nation of nim wits? Do we really now have a whole party that boos the educational institutions that have created the brain power that has made us the economic powerhouse we are (maybe not for much longer if we get another 8 years of this). If one thing should have turned people from the Republican party, it should be the booing at the fact Obama has an Ivy League education. These venerable institutions have created physicists that keep our defense strong, doctors who keep cancer patients alive longer than ever in history, scientists who discover the “next great thing” that will keep America on the cutting edge. Should we all be country hicks who use leaches to treat our illnesses? (not to mention the fact their freaking leader Bush is Ivy League educated – what hypocrits!).

Republicans are so much angrier than Democrats. They are angry that all Americans don’t have universal beliefs that match theirs (yikes! so they hate democracy?).

If you want 8 more years of declining stock markets, corporate fraud and corruption, tax breaks for Paris Hilton and the uber-rich, obscene profits at the expense of American jobs, go ahead, vote for this pair.
If you want to have the historically strong economy found under Democratic administrations, and if you want diplomats not arrogant bullies in office, vote Democrat this year.

If you want to live like a Republican, Vote Democrat (FDR quote from a time when there were MANY Rosie’s in our population!)

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