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Republicans Tackling Healthcare Issues?

Don’t be fooled by the headline. This is part of an immigration “reform” bill – to require employers to offer health insurance to immigrants.

Does this seem bizarre to anyone? #1 Republicans supposedly like unfettered big business (some even want to let them pollute more) #2 They don’t usually want to deal with the fact that more and more Americans can’t afford health care (even to the point they won’t exempt those bankrupted by health care costs from the health care bill – “You shouldn’t get a serious illness if you can’t afford it – it’s all about choice”).

I’m suspicious about the requirement though. Most health plans require an employee contribution. I’m quite sure most of the businesses that would benefit from immigration “reform” would not pay the employees enough to afford their portion of the bill. Maybe it’s just there for show (“See, we care about health care.”)

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