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Saving the Poor Wittle Ole Oil Companies

Disguising this new big oil-giveaway with the title “Gasoline for America’s Security Act of 2005” is just another example of propaganda-style labeling to make something seem a whole lot better for the American people than it really is.

Fortunately, more and more people are catching on that the current powers-that-be are more concerned about corporate profit than the average American. From the looks of this bill, they certainly don’t care if your children can breathe the air. I love these run-around bills that find a way to push through bad legislation by saying it is SPECIFICALLY for America! America! Guess they figure most people are just too preoccupied with stopping gay marriage to care about give-aways to companies that have made record profits in the past few years, even though the implications of the latter will have repercussions that go far beyond your neighbor’s bedroom.

What makes this worse is the fact that they had to keep the vote open and arm-twist to get the last few votes they need. It seems many of our politicians believe democracy ends once you win an election.

Nancy Pelosi spoke about the Act:

“A vote that was supposed to take five minutes took more than nine times that long because the indicted Republican leader of the House of Representatives needed extra time to twist the arms necessary to pass a bill that is against the interests of the American people, against consumers, against taxpayers, and against the environment.

“Our country’s democracy is based upon every American having his or her voice heard on the floor of Congress. Republicans have shut down debate here. Now they are shutting down the reasonable outcome of a vote. (via Daily Kos)

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