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Money Where Their Mouths Are – Wean Tea Partiers off the Federal Teat

There are quite a few tea partiers who come from states that are quite happy to suck at the Federal teat.   Of course, many people have known for years that Blue States tend to support Red States financially. There are a few exceptions (such as Texas), but they are the exceptions that prove the rule.  If you want to cut from the Federal budget so badly, cut it from your state first I say.    Let’s look at a few great examples of Tea Party hypocrisy. Continue reading →

Old White Guy Hypocrisy

I continue to be amazed how many old white guys in the Senate are fretting about “race and gender” influencing decisions. This is simply a continuation of the legacy of old white guys believing their opinions and views are universal while anyone who is not-male/not-white has a narrow (read: tainted) point of view. Continue reading →

Get Your Pink Tacos at Century City Mall

This huge banner advertises the arrival of what I would guess is a new restaurant, but my friend pointed out this is a euphemism for something else – as soon as she said it I thought, “Yikes.” Continue reading →

I Swear, Osama Could Have Walked Right Through, and They Would Have Missed Him

My roommate and I took the red eye to Boston Wednesday night – and discovered the fun of getting “randomly” picked for extra security checks. We aren’t sure if we were flagged because I bought both the tickets on my card – it’s possible because once before when a fellow employee bought her ticket and mine, I had to go through the extra security. But this time the extra screening was pretty intense, especially when you consider we represent the absolute LOWEST risk – you’ve got a UCLA Law School grad with an Irish name who was born and bred in one of the original colonies and a harmless marketing director who was born in probably one of the most innocuous countries (sorry Canada) and grew up in freakin’ Tampa Bay. Continue reading →

The Next Generation of Kool Aid Drinkers

Scroll down to the free Sean Hannity video to see the next generation of Kool Aid drinkers – especially the scene where like good little lemmings they do the “flip flop” cheer. Continue reading →

Cutting the Deficit

Today Bush said we are on are way to cutting the deficit in half, get this, “By 2009” – in other words, I will have to be out of office for us to be able to do something about the deficit? I mean, I haven’t seen any evidence that this is happening – so was his “hidden” message – you are going to have to elect someone with other policies in 2008 so they can start cutting this deficit? Maybe he means if you can get a turnover in Congress in 2006 they will probably be able to stop me from bankrupting America?

I’m Not Quite Sure I Get This

Do they have enough armor now for bullets and IEDs so they are ready to diverting donations to stuff like this? I’m not even sure what it does – books that help soldiers maintain sexual purity? Is salt peter involved?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but right at this moment it seems like every soldier’s battle over there is keeping alive, keeping all their body parts…these just seem like slightly higher priorities.

Spinning Spinning Spinning – Dizzy Yet?

This article from gives a sober analysis of the hyprocrisy of spin in the Fitzgerald investigation coverage. Continue reading →

You CAN Make This Stuff Up

Interesting flights of fancy. Really fascinating how people can convince themselves of just about anything when they are blindly obedient to The Leader.

Is he describing the same person who did this: Continue reading →

Round and Round We Go

I’m stunned sometimes by how many people quote other peoples’ lies and misrepresentations without having the least bit of curiosity. Bo Bo said it, must be true!

It’s a sad day for American Democracy and Freedom when journalists quote propagandists and don’t bother to check the facts. Just because you SAY “the spin stops here” does not mean that the spin stops there. Me thinks thou doth protest too much…