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Don’t Think Miss Daisy Had This in Mind

I grew up in Florida – the St. Pete area – where we would regularly hear about elderly, confused drivers plowing into people at bus stops. This one takes the cake.
Although I understand why people don’t WANT to give up their driving privileges – it is indeed a privilege and not a right – and privileges are earned. We don’t let 14 year olds drive because we think they are not yet capable of the responsibility. Why do we let people who no longer have all their wits about them to drive? Is their right to drive greater than your right to cross the street and not end up in their windshield?

This is just part of our “Entitlement Culture” in which everyone thinks they are owed something.

I remember my mother recounting a visit to the DMV. An elderly man was taking the vision test, and he was having considerable trouble reading the eye chart. Finally, the DMV tester asked, “Do you think it could be a “T”?

She actually helped the man pass his vision test by prompting him with the answers.

When you can’t see, that might be a good time to give up the car. Granted, I do think much of the problem lies in poor public transportation. People fear giving up their mobility, and most towns have insufferably public transit systems. The fear of being “trapped” when you give up your driver’s license is a real fear and as the baby boomers age we need to take a serious look at how to help people who can no longer safely drive a car.

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