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Spinning Spinning Spinning – Dizzy Yet?

This article from gives a sober analysis of the hyprocrisy of spin in the Fitzgerald investigation coverage.

If you want to see some really funny spin, check out how this editorial, compares everything to Clinton (in some of his examples he puts lying about consensual sex with an adult on par with revealing national security secrets – in a case where it was specifically done to undermine the great democratic tradition of challenging your government when you think it is up to no good). It might have been more interesting if he’d gone back to figure out who got off easy in Iran-Contra.

I probably shouldn’t poke fun – it’s obvious from the title “Patrick Fitzgerald Brings New Legal Standard to DC” and the writer’s bio that he is more a conspiracy theorist than an expert on legal matters. Unfortunately, this sort of extreme right paranoia, once a fringe element, has spread like a bizarre witch-hysteria. Such zealotry damages the basic funtioning of democracy UNLESS the average voting American is curious enough (and committed enough) to look past specious arguments and dig a bit more.

Certainly the idea that national security, the safety of NOCs, and justifications for war when Congress has relinquished its rightful authority in these matters are on par with lying about a bj is laughable – but most people don’t think beyond the surface argument. They just say, “Yeah! That sounds unfair!” I remember more than one friend with a law degree telling me, “The first thing you learn in law school, is that the law isn’t fair.” Anyone who lives in the real world knows that it isn’t.

The almost infantile belief that the law (or life) should be fair is bizarre – you could extend it to other crimes: how many murderers get away with their crimes? Sadly, a sizeable number. Does that mean it’s not fair to indict murderers you have more evidence on – if that guy got away with it, I should too!

It’s hard to ignore just how Machiavellian this has become. The idea that Dick Cheney, merely a Vice President, is so involved in these matters alone seems odd. Also see:
Cheney and Libby withhold documents from Senate Intelligence so they could continue to claim he had WMDs.via Agitprop

Is Rove Considering a Plea Deal?

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    Prosecutor’s Press Conference at 2 p.m. EST UPDATE: Leak Probe Details to be Released at Noon [via Wonkette] The rumors are flying. Rove’s and Libby’s replacements are teed-up. Scooter will be indicted, say the sources, but Rove will not and

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