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The Next Generation of Kool Aid Drinkers

Scroll down to the free Sean Hannity video to see the next generation of Kool Aid drinkers – especially the scene where like good little lemmings they do the “flip flop” cheer.

As any one interested in challenging and thoughtful debate knows – the flip-flop debate is one of the memes of the less sophisticated – they don’t understand that if you don’t change your mind in the face of overwhelming evidence, you are not terribly bright. Just like with Kool Aid – hey, this cult was fun, but now the guy is asking me to drink something that will kill me, maybe it is time to find another group to hang with…

So click the link below and scroll to the free videos:

Unfortunately we have become quite lazy as a culture – it is easier to just keep believing something that makes us feel good about ourselves than recognize something is terribly awry.

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