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You CAN Make This Stuff Up

Interesting flights of fancy. Really fascinating how people can convince themselves of just about anything when they are blindly obedient to The Leader.

Is he describing the same person who did this:

As acting ambassador to Iraq in the run-up to the first Gulf War, he was the last US diplomat to meet with Saddam Hussein, in 1991.

He very publicly defied the Iraqi strongman by giving refuge to more than 100 US citizens at the embassy and in the homes of US diplomats – at a time when Saddam Hussein was threatening to execute anyone who harboured foreigners.

He then addressed journalists wearing a hangman’s noose instead of a necktie.

He later told the Washington Post newspaper that the message to Saddam Hussein was: “If you want to execute me, I’ll bring my own fucking rope.”

You have to go to the world press to see the actual factual history of Wilson vs. the spin-of-the-moment, although there are other sources that make it clear the Wilson-bashing is merely desperation. Wilson devoted his life to the foreign service – and challenged Saddam Hussein with patriotic bravado. I certainly doubt the weasels who ignore these facts would have been so bold. I imagine them quivering in a corner, crying to those Americans stuck in Iraq and looking for safe haven, “No, I can’t protect you! Saddam said he’d kill me! I have to save my own ass!”

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