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Art Imitating Life: TV Dramas Mirror Addiction in Society

Most drug addiction experts will tell you: the economy does impact addiction rates. As economic stress takes its toll, many people find themselves drinking a bit more alcohol or asking the doctor for anti-anxiety medication or sleeping pills. Some of those people will become addicted. Continue reading →

Pageant of the Masters in Laguna Beach

Last Sunday I went with friends to the Pageant of the Masters – this is the 75th year they have presented tableau vivant in an open-air theater. We were truly stunned by how beautiful these living paintings (and really strained our eyes to see the least hint of movement – Hey! He blinked!) truly are. Continue reading →

Mar Vista Roofing – Roofers in Culver City and West Los Angeles

My friend recently hired Mar Vista Roofing – a roofing company that serves Culver City as well as the west side of Los Angeles – and she was incredibly impressed with their work. I decided to write this review because her story has so many elements that remind us how important customer service is, especially in challenging economic times. Also – she is one tough customer – so if she appreciated the service it was definitely exceptional. Continue reading →

Garth Brooks Concert

Garth was in rare form for his last of 5 shows in Los Angeles benefiting the San Diego firefighters.


Millie managed to get us fourth row tickets to a show that sold out in ten minutes. I won’t tell you her secret – don’t want too many people to know the trick of getting the best seats 😉


Garth’s wife Trisha Yearwood showed up to do a duet and one of my favorites of her songs, Walkaway Joe.


(Photos by Millie)

The End of the Sopranos

The final episode aired tonight, and frankly, it was better than most of the season. Until the end…

SPOILER ALERT – I’m putting the rest of the post after the jump so those of you who DVR’d don’t have to continue if you don’t want to know the ending. Continue reading →

Clifton’s Cafeteria in Downtown Los Angeles

Earlier this week my roommate and I caught a Rachel Ray show on Food Network where she profiled restaurants in Los Angeles – usually funky places you wouldn’t usually know about. She profiled Clifton’s Cafeteria on Broadway in Downtown Los Angeles, and we decided it looked like a bit of LA history and would be a fun expedition one day. Continue reading →

A Treat of Authentic Japanese Wagyu


A few months ago the U.S. lifted the ban on importing beef from Japan – very quickly boneless cuts of Wagyu (sometimes called Kobe beef) made their way back into American restaurants. Continue reading →

The Dirt on Dirt – Another Great FX Character – Courtney Cox Rocks as Lucy Spiller

First they brought us Vic Mackey – now FX Networks brings us Lucy Spiller. She’s by far the most interesting female character I’ve seen on televsion – nasty-powerful yet vulnerable – but not oh-I-need-someone-to-save-me, cliched vulnerability.


It’s a personal vulnerability that she protects and nurtures, the one piece of her that cannot be corrupted by the necessary evils of her professional (and simply because of the nature of her work – personal) life. Continue reading →

Bree’s Los Angeles Food Blog in the LA Times

My friend Bree Crocetti writes an LA food blog and today she was listed in an article on local food blogs in the LA Times! Pretty cool – check out Bree’s blog.

Roubini Economics Blog

For those interested in economics, this is a great economics blog…he went to Yale with Shiller (the guy who predicted the Dot Com bust). I love that he says they are both members of the Shrill Order of the Reputable Reality-Based Eeyores!