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Bree’s Los Angeles Food Blog in the LA Times

My friend Bree Crocetti writes an LA food blog and today she was listed in an article on local food blogs in the LA Times! Pretty cool – check out Bree’s blog.

Roubini Economics Blog

For those interested in economics, this is a great economics blog…he went to Yale with Shiller (the guy who predicted the Dot Com bust). I love that he says they are both members of the Shrill Order of the Reputable Reality-Based Eeyores!

Where in the Hell Is Matt?

If you haven’t seen this video – check it out. This guy travels all over the world and tapes himself doing a goofy dance in each exotic – or not so exotic – location. It just makes you smile.

Great Take on Michelle Malkin Hypocrisy

Nothing new really on the Radical Right front – it’s okay if we do it, but not if someone else does it, because, well, WE ARE ALWAYS RIGHT.

Basically – terrorists are people WE call terrorists. torture is what WE define as torture. Continue reading →

Pump Gate

This appeals to me mainly because it comes out of Treasure Island, Florida – one of the beach communities maybe 20 minutes from where I grew up.


How do they describe the blog? Continue reading →

Wake Up Walmart

This blog keeps the heat on Walmart and exposes how corporatism as it is practiced today is undermining America – and how you are paying a lot more for that cheap stuff than you think (with your tax dollars).

What’s in Store for Rove?

Some theories from the blogosphere: Continue reading →

Have Another Good Laugh

The story is funny, but even funnier – the General points out how much this AFA guy looks like the Green River Killer.

Have a Good Laugh

The General’s letter to the Secretary of the College Republican National Committee.

Fixed the link – sorry!

Want a New Perspective on Life in Iraq?

Check out Baghdad Girl – lots of cute kitties then a post such as the one entitled “We Are Living in Hell.”

Surreal doesn’t being to describe it.

Also – Young Mammy is a very moving blog from a mother of three living in Mosul. This piece in particular will get you.