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What’s in Store for Rove?

Some theories from the blogosphere:

From TPM Cafe:

I think Fitgerald was looking for the absolute sure thing, someone who would be left with no room to wiggle, and no way out other than to make a deal: information ion exchange for a reduced sentence. This is a classic tried and true method for taking apart all kinds of organized crime: sink the hook in the small fry and use them to work your way up the food chain to the big game fish. He wants to nail Rove, and maybe Cheney too, on the big counts; but to do that he has to prove intent. To prove intent, he has to prove there was a plan, and to do that he has to have someone who was on the inside who is willing to say “This is what was said, and this was the intended goal.” Barring some spontaneous confessions or documents that have not yet been destroyed, that’s the only way to successfully prosecute the bigger crimes. To do that he will need Libby.

In discussions with others following this story, quite a few people believe this might be Fitzgerald’s strategy.

Raw Story sees it as a bold move:

Raw Story writes:

The lawyers said that in the past month Fitzgerald has obtained explosive information in the case that has enabled him to pursue broader charges such as conspiracy, and civil rights violations against targets like Rove. Rove could also provide information that would allow Fitzgerald to target additional officials.

And Booman Tribune breaks down the particulars of the case in regards to the most serious issue – releasing the name of a covert agent:

All of the elements, at least of the Espionage Act (if not the Intelligence Identities Protection Act), have been made out in the indictment. So, why go to all the trouble of setting up the factual predicates for violations of the classified information statutes in the indictment (especially when he didn’t have to) and then stop short of charging them? …read the article

Also check out Crooks and Liars on the topic.

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