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Bodies – The Exhibition, at MOSI, Tampa

I missed this semi-creepy show when it came to Los Angeles, so I decided to mosey over to the MOSI to catch it in Tampa while visiting family. It is very educational. It is also a little bit the quease-maker. I definitely felt squeamish at times. My father is a pathologist, so as I kid I saw my share of icky medical specimens, but somehow this was different. I don’t know – real people chemicalized into frozen displays so we can see their viscera just, well, creeped me out a bit.

However, it did not creep me out enough for me not to notice the annoying habit many of the visitors had of putting their paws on the glass cases so the rest of us had to view specimens through their fingerprints. Sheesh. Some were using the glass displays as if they had problems standing upright – like they just evolved from monkeys and couldn’t quite handle all this standing-up-straight-and-walking-around-on-two-legs stuff.

Of course you also end up doing the rounds with the same folks – they somehow stick to you like glue. There was The Breather, big guy with a bit of wake-apnea. He somehow always ended up hovering by either me or my sister. I whispered, “Hey, you got The Breather this time.” She whispered back, “Well you got the Gum Snapper.”

Me don’t think them peoples get out to museums much, and this kind of exhibition brings out a very different crowd then say an exhibition on Cimabue or Dutch Masters. Hey, it’s Florida!

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