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Mar Vista Roofing – Roofers in Culver City and West Los Angeles

My friend recently hired Mar Vista Roofing – a roofing company that serves Culver City as well as the west side of Los Angeles – and she was incredibly impressed with their work. I decided to write this review because her story has so many elements that remind us how important customer service is, especially in challenging economic times. Also – she is one tough customer – so if she appreciated the service it was definitely exceptional.

If you are anything like me – you would rather pay a little more to get excellent service than save a few bucks and be disappointed and frustrated. That famous saying, “Penny wise, pound foolish” is more true today than ever before. You can get cheap labor – but is the job going to be done the way you want it? Not only that, but is it going to be done in a SAFE way that protects you as a homeowner from liability?
These roofers are fully licensed and insured, including for workers’ comp. The rates are reasonable – even if they are a bit more – if you find a company that can do it for significantly less, they are likely not carrying the appropriate amount of insurance to protect you and your property. Don’t think it won’t impact you if you hire workers who are not properly covered.

I think this speaks to the shrinking pool of small American businesses and entrepreneurs who really deserve our respect for trying to play by the rules in a hyper-competitive environment where many do not.
Beyond that – the service was exceptionally fast and efficient. If you have ever torn your hair out waiting for someone you hired to finish the work they were hired to do, you know the value in finding someone who does it on time, on schedule, and doesn’t leave a mess behind. With Mar Vista roofers they left the are pristine so it was as if they were never there. No crushed bushes, crap lying around – none of that – they really finished the job.

How refreshing!

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