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Comparing Bush to Lincoln?

Sean Hannity, the poster child for those who misrepresent news and twist everything to fit a myopic world view, interviewed Don Rumsfeld on his radio show and asked him (in this typically “leading” way) if the things Dean, Kerry and others say about the war is undermining the effort and not constructive criticism. Rumsfeld started his answer by pointing out all the criticism President Lincoln endured. Wow. It never ceases to amaze me just how deluded some people are about where this country is now.

Is Hannity really trying to say that poor planning and bad management by Rumsfeld et al. have nothing to do with how the war is going – all the problems can be blamed on a couple of sentences stated by Democrats. The human ability to delude oneself is truly remarkable – it knows no bounds.

Sean went on to chat about military confrontation with Iran. Sheesh. I think he must have a really active imagination if he thinks our military could take another engagement!

It’s hard to believe, but this may be the first administration to ruin the country in a mere 8 years. Other administrations have done damage during their reign, but this looks like one that will undermine our economic and military might for decades to come.

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