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Faux News – Ted Baxter – Olbermann Has It Right

Media Matters covers a particularly obscene abuse of the airwaves by Bill O’Reilly – Laura Ingraham also contributed with plenty of misrepresentation of fact. She believes reporters in Iraq are all reporting from their hotel balconies. I guess she hasn’t heard about the deaths, injuries, and kidnappings of many of these folks.

It’s truly distressing to see people whining about the media – claiming they only cover the bad news. If you live in a city where IEDs are exploding without warning on a sickingly regular basis you certainly would be focused on the negative too. Think about it – if you lived in a home with the walls crumbling, no heat, no running water, high crime, fear of walking the streets and a reporter came by, would you say, please cover the story of the pretty sunflower growing in my garden, don’t just show all the bad stuff! It really is laughable that someone sitting in a Fox Studio would complain about reporters in Iraq showing the “bad stuff.”

Keith Olbermann did a great segment on this – showing the ACTUAL NBC reporters in action, bombs going off, guns shooting in the background. Hardly seems as if they are all sipping martinis on their hotel balconies.

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