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Lou Dobbs Gets It

UPDATE 7/1/09: By now you probably know that Lou has lost his mind. Oh well. Keith seems to be following him. Hope Rachel Maddow keeps her sanity. She’s my last hope.

Update 7/29/2009 – No question. Lou Dobbs has gone over a cliff, lost his marbles, gotten two shakes of a lamb’s tail away from being picked up by the men in white coats. Holy moly. It’s so sad to see a man who once was provocatively brilliant in his challenges to government corruption become a batshit-crazy conspiracy theorist and bitter old crank.


The post below was written four years ago. Before Lou Dobbs lost his mind.

More greatness from Lou Dobbs, champion of the American people. That might sound grandiose – but really, if you watch his CNN show you will see this is a man who truly cares about the issues that impact working Americans struggling to keep their jobs, pay their bills, and get some semblance of financial security.

Commenting on the waiving of prevailing wages (Gulf states), labor brokers who bring in illegal workers and exploit them (for example, you are lucky you got this job so we aren’t going to protect you from toxins because you should be happy you can feed your family for 1 day)

“[This is about]… employers who are just riotously without conscience or concern for the national interests exploiting these people they’re hiring.”

Lou gets it. With a degree in Economics from Harvard, this is a man with substance behind his arguments. His brand of paleoconservatism makes for compelling and rivetting discussions. He is not a bobble-head who spouts thoughtless ideological memes.

He cares about the impact of the neoconservative, patronage-style politics that have eroded the quality of life in this country for the middle class. He is a true patriot. He puts Americans first. He does not believe in bending over for corporate power at the expense of families. He is disgusted by politicians utterly oblivious to the struggles of the middle class.

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