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Weather Wars

First, I have to admit – I love Lou Dobbs. He is by far the most articulate of the Opcasters (news with a clear opinion/editorial bent). His segments on Exporting America give voice to one of the most profound and disturbing problems in our country today. He is smart, fair, and even if you don’t agree with his final analysis on one topic or another, he never lapses into blowhardiness.

Today he did a segment on Weather Wars. I love when Lou does one of these “fun” segments. I say fun because it is out of the mainstream. He generally has a subtle, almost Mona Lisa-mysterious smile on his face, but he treats the story with respect. Hey, this is way out there, but just tell me what your evidence is and I’ll give it a listen.

I have a few friends who are diehard conspiracy theorists, so I’ve heard this weather war stuff for years. Frankly, as a screenwriter, I love it. Cool story. Weapon it would be difficult to fight – forces of nature corralled by man to wreak havoc on enemies – it’s a great storyline (of course, Hollywood can’t handle these types of stories without devolving the premise into some silliness like “Day After Tomorrow”). I’m a skeptic. I’ll play Scully to anyone’s Mulder, but this stuff is some of the best dreamed up yet. Maybe it’s true…who am I to say 😉

Anyway, check our and let your imagination run free (a decent night’s sleep not included)

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