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The Dirt on Dirt – Another Great FX Character – Courtney Cox Rocks as Lucy Spiller

First they brought us Vic Mackey – now FX Networks brings us Lucy Spiller. She’s by far the most interesting female character I’ve seen on televsion – nasty-powerful yet vulnerable – but not oh-I-need-someone-to-save-me, cliched vulnerability.


It’s a personal vulnerability that she protects and nurtures, the one piece of her that cannot be corrupted by the necessary evils of her professional (and simply because of the nature of her work – personal) life.

She surprises in subtle ways – Courtney Cox has truly taken on a fantastic role and she has created a female character with all the contradictions of modern life. Determinedely single. Singularly determined. You can’t hate Lucy Spiller no matter what hateful things she does – just like you can’t hate Vic Mackey. FX is giving HBO a run for their money when it comes to TRULY developed and original characters.

Speaking of Vic Mackey – if you haven’t seen the new trailer for the upcoming season, it gives chills. The herky-jerky camera soaring in then stalling and redirecting its gaze. The sudden moment when the (very hot) Vic Mackey gazes at the camera for just a moment, then looks back to the gravestone in front of him. The music that warns you he knows he can’t be forgiven but hopes he can be given some peace…it’s a million times better on my 50-inch plasma screen, but here it is:

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